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  Shenzhen Micro Electric power control Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is the industry 's elite . The earliest professional power monitoring and power distribution equipment , generators and ancillary equipment development and marketing company . Mainly provides products for the user are: generator parallel cabinet (and cabinet ) , and network cabinet ( with power generators operating in parallel ), automatic conversion cabinet (ATS cabinet or dual power automatic switching cabinet ), 10KV high- voltage equipment the following ( KYN28, HXGN-10, XGN-12, GCK, GCL, GCS, BFC , etc.) , power monitoring cabinets , all kinds of switchgear . Founded in the mid-nineties , goods are sold all over the country . Equipment services to all industries for power plants, substations , banking, telecommunications , high-rise buildings and hotels and so on. The strong technical force , with self-development , development of monitoring hardware and software the ability to complete sets of equipment , WD developed a series of computer monitoring device , the national patent No. : ZL99227371.4 ......< more >